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Why Uruguay?

Uruguay is the most European country in South America and it offers a high standard of living. It covers approximately half the area of Germany and its population is similar to that of Berlin.

Uruguay is considered one of the most peaceful and wealthy Latin American countries. Its political situation is stable and it is an absolutely free and democratic country. Crime rates and pollution levels are relatively low and both legal system and traffic correspond to European standards. Their currency is the Uruguayan Peso (UYU), whose exchange rate is related to the United States Dollar. The official language is Spanish, although most of the population can also speak English.
There are around 10,000 Germans living in Uruguay and over 40,000 persons are of German origin. Each year around 400 Germans come to live in Uruguay and, as a result, they represent one of the most important immigrant groups in the country. Uruguayans have an open and receptive attitude towards Germans. On the other hand, there are different school and preschool centres to which both German and Uruguayan children attend.

The weather in Uruguay, similar to that of the south of Spain or the Balearic Islands, is very nice. Spring starts in October or November and the summer extends for the whole months of December, January, February and March.

Uruguay is one of the most advisable destinations for those willing to migrate. The country is getting more and more appreciated by European migrants and thanks to its warm weather it is also an appealing location to settle a second or vacation home. At the same time, it is also a very interesting option for investors due to the significant increase of property values.

Uruguay is as well the ideal place to retire under the sun of South America. The smart resort of Punta del Este, 135 km away from Montevideo, in the south of Uruguay, is considered South America’s St Tropez. The city offers a high standard of living and a good infrastructure, and since the 1960s it has been an appreciated meeting point for the international jet set. Especially European clients buy exclusive properties by the sea in Punta del Este as a second home or as an investment. Punta del Este is among the most expensive places in Uruguay (EUR 1,900 to EUR 5,300 per sq. m.).

Our network also covers some of the best places in Uruguay, such as La Barra, an ancient community of artists next to Punta del Este; José Ignacio resort, 30 km away, and the city of Rocha. Prices have increased continuously for the last five years due to high demand and certain prominent properties with flawless interiors in José Ignacio reach EUR 6,800 per sq. m. We must take into account as well the increase in demand of luxury properties for vacation stays during high season (from Christmas season to mid-January a single-family dwelling in José Ignacio may produce an income of EUR 38,000 for rental).

There are also many new projects in Punta del Este coastal area. On the other hand, still unspoilt landscapes are being exploited, such as “El Caracol”, next to José Ignacio, which has wonderful pristine lagoons and long sandy beaches. These projects attract more and more foreign real estate investors to Punta del Este who can benefit from the country’s fiscally attractive legislation.