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Residence permits (Golden VISA) for non-EU citizens who purchase a real estate property in Spain

In September 2013 it came into force the Spanish law of entrepreneurship (Ley de Emprendedores), for the support to the creation of new enterprises. Pursuant to this law, residency in Spain is granted for non-EU citizens spending a minimum of EUR 500,000 on a real estate property purchase.

We accompany our clients from the very first step on the way to the Spanish Investment Visa, namely we show you the island and the previously selected real estate properties, as well as schools, banks, beaches, restaurants, etc. - everything, that you are interested to see. Furthermore our local lawyer takes care of the Golden Visa application process. It goes without saying, that we are always there for you as your contact partner, even when you have all your documents ready.

Here is an overview of the essential rules of Spanish Investment Visa (Golden Visa):

  • The minimum investment must be at least € 500,000 (can spread over more properties)
  • On top of the purchase price you need to add approx. 10 - 13%, which goes to the normal purchase costs, which includes, tax, stamp duty, VAT, notary and lawyer.
  • You can do your investment personally or via a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of this company and then either the foreign company purchase directly or probably more tax efficient via a local Spanish company which we can establish for you. Means the foreign holding company incorporates a local Spanish company which does the investment.
  • Spanish residence visas may be issued to the immediate family, including spouse or non married partners, to children up to 18 years, economically dependent adult children and economically dependent parents. The family can live in Spain, children can go to International Private Schools.
  • There is no requirement for minimum stays ordering to renew the visa. This means that it is optional to stay in Spain.
  • As there is no law on minimum stay is not necessary to become a Spanish tax resident however in case you stay over 183 days you become a tax resident and planning is necessary.
  • Your property investment can be sold after five years when you have achieved permanent residency.
  • The visa allows access to unlimited travel throughout the EU Schengen visa countries.
  • The official documentation for investment visa will not take more than 20 days.
  • The first card is issued for two years but the next for 5 years if the investment is held.
  • The applicant must be able to prove that having traveled to Spain at least once in the first two years, and once more in the three subsequent years.
  • Our local lawyer will take care of the application for residence, and the full Golden Visa program, residence for the family etc.

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Not to have entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory.
  • Not to have a criminal record.
  • Have to be 18 years or over.
  • Not to have been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries.
  • Have public or private health insurance authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Have sufficient economic means to cover personal and family living expenses.
  • Proof of the investment must be made through a Registry of Property certificate attesting ownership. Or, if the ownership title is not yet registered, via a copy of the acquisition public deed and proof of filing the deed in the Registry.

Why Mallorca?

The number of visitors to Mallorca speaks for itself: Mallorca is more popular than ever! This year, more than 10 million island visitors are expected. Take advantage of this trend and invest now in your Mallorca property.

The reasons are obvious:

  • Mallorca is one of the top destinations in Europe
  • Excellent investment opportunities in luxury real estate as well as in the tourism sector (if you don't want to live by yourself in the property)
  • Excellent return prospects through long-term or holiday rental
  • High potential for stable performance of your property
  • Outstanding quality of life and climatic conditions
  • Healthy environment with clean air
  • Excellent International Private Schools for the best education of your children
  • Mallorca is a paradise for children
  • Possibility to do outdoor sport activities like sailing, golf, cycling, water sports, surf, hiking, jogging the whole year
  • Mallorca offers a lot of variety: sea, beaches, dreamlike landscapes, mountains, idyllic original villages, culture, wine etc.
  • Mallorca is very safe
  • High degree of social security
  • Excellent Health system
  • Top flight connections to and from all important European cities
  • Easy and fast golden visa procedure

We are looking forward to your contact.